03: Tool List

david | | Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

The zootoolbox contains a vast array of different tools that range from simple to complex. Some can be used "stand alone" while others are dependant on each other and may require a certain workflow. The following list shows a brief description of the main tools.

(This page will be updated over the next few weeks to provide links to specific guides for the main tools - especially the ones I use regularly.)

zooCST auto rigging tool

user defined pickwalk system for jumping around and between different heirarchies

zooAnimStore store and reload animation clips

zooAutoSave save scene after specified number of selections

zooBodgeK manipulate and pose FK chains using a scriptJob driven IK chain

zooBoltOnIK control an FK chain using IK

zooGraphFilter filter the display of curves in the graph editor

zooGreaseMonkey draw in the camera viewport (to mark frames, plot paths etc)

zooHUDCtrl add stuff to the viewport Heads Up Display

zooKeyCommands run a MEL command on an object for each key frame

keymaster scale animation curves using a simple UI

zooRemind set up "in scene" reminders that popup when the scene is opened

zooRenamer batch renaming script

zooShots camera management tool

zooTriggerator build and manage viewport interfaces for triggering actions based on selection

zooTriggered (1) & (2) attach commands to an object that can be executed on selection or via right-mouse-button menu

visMan create heirarchical visibility sets (think display layers with heirarchy)

zooXferAnim animation transfer utility

zooHeavy niche weighting tool collection (for use as a marking menu)

zooNameSpacey namespace management tool

zooReblender rebuild blendshapes after topology changes

zooSurgeon automatically cut up skinned mesh and parent the cut up "proxy" objects to the skeleton

zooWeightSave save and restore weights using a special "blind data" technique

zooAssets manage "assets" within a maya scene

zooChangeLog add revision notes to your scene

zooPanelCycler map to a hot key to cycle through your own list of panels in a viewport

zooToggleUI toggles UI elements on and off
marking menus a collection of ready to use marking menus with task and context based tool collections

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