I know what to do

david | music | Monday, December 4th, 2006

I know what to do
When I'm frightened of you
I just relax
And when I'm with you late at night
I look at you
You're not relaxed

You can shut the door
If you don't love me anymore
I'll go away
And when I see you moping round
I ask you why
But you won't say

Now you've seen my other half
Its not like the photograph
And you may even want to laugh at me
I don't even know your name
Your face and voice were just the same
As all the other girls that came
To see me

If you want to cry
But your throat is very dry
Then just pretend
And when I've had enough of you
I know its true
I can't pretend

not comfortable

david | music | Saturday, November 18th, 2006

Uncomfortable me
Uncomfortable you
My mind's like a tree
Your mind's like a zoo

We used to be sure
We used to have fun
Your mind's like a saw
My mind's like a gun

I'm back from the beach
You've been to the snow
I can't seem to reach
You don't seem to know

Unusually high
Unusually clear
You need to ask why
I don't want to hear

And its better now

david | music | Monday, November 6th, 2006

The road is black
The lines are white
Counting the lines
Is a waste of a night

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