Mimic RightMouseClick with CTRL+LeftMouseClick

david | dj mod,mel script | Sunday, March 14th, 2010

I noticed that some people using wacom tablets find the stylus version of theĀ  right-mouse button to be a little clumsy. Since maya makes extensive use of right-mouse-button menus I wanted to see if I could find an alternative. As luck would have it, Roger Klado had already figured it all out and written it up in great detail, so all I had to do was extract the bits I needed and put them into a mel script.

The result is djObjMenu.mel. Make a shelf button or marking menu with this command


Run it and you'll find that CTRL+LeftMouseClick invokes the same behaviour in the viewport as the RightMouseClick. So for a stylus that would be CTRL+penDown instead of hover+sideButton. Some people may find this easier or more direct. Let me know if you do. I don't use a stylus, so I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

Look for djObjMenu.mel on my downloads page.

Update: I've realized that CTRL+LeftMouseClick is normally used in component mode to deselect things. If you run djObjMenu from userSetup.mel then you'll lose the ability to deselect components (unless you want to use Shift-LeftMouseClick to toggle them). Therefore I think it would be better to run djObjMenu from a shelf button, to be used when you are animating rather than modeling. Then restart maya to revert to normal. I'm going to look into making the script detect whether the context is component mode to avoid the conflict, but that may take me a while to figure out. I'll have to read Roger's instructions again!

So, I've edited my original post to remove the suggestion about userSetup.mel, which I've replaced with a shelf button suggestion. Apologies if I confused anybody.

how to add bump map to car paint phen

david | mentalray,rendering,tutorials | Friday, March 12th, 2010

Here's a simple method you can use to add a bump map to the mi_car_paint_phen_x material without using custom shaders or complicated shading networks.


Maya Linear Workflow In Two Steps

david | mentalray,rendering,tutorials | Sunday, March 7th, 2010

If the emails I get are any indication, then I'd say there is a fair amount of confusion around the subject of linear workflow in mentalray for maya. And over the past few years in my search for answers I have contributed my share of half truths and misinformation to the discussion. So, in the next few paragraphs I'm going to state simply and without detailed explanation how to achieve a linear workflow in mentalray for maya by doing two things. Simple! (more...)

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